Pursuant to the law which created ENARSA, the corporation holds title to exploration permits and exploitation concessions of the blocks located in the Argentine Continental Shelf (Argentine Off Shore) that had not been awarded prior to the date of its enactment. Under Law 27.007, Article 30 of the year 2014, all exploration permits and exploitation concessions of the hydrocarbons in national off shore areas in favor of the National Argentine Energy Department were reversed. For such reason, ENARSA is in a process of analysis and conversion of the oil activity under its control.

Currently, ENARSA actively participates in the extraction of hydrocarbons in association with other private actors, developing exploration and production works in different Argentine provinces.


On-shore Argentine areas:

Cuenca neuquina.

Gobernador Ayala

The area is located in the province of La Pampa. The field is divided into four oil fields: El Renegado, Gobernador Ayala Este, Mendieta and Río Colorado. It has 35 wells for the production of oil, 3 for the production of gas and 17 water injection wells.

The major challenge in this area is the production of heavy oil (19° API), which is produced using CHOPS (cold heavy oil production with sands) and secondary recovery, using water injection.

The production of the area is in the range of 220 m3/d of oil and 12 Mm3/d of gas.

Cuenca neuquina.

Área Aguada del Chañar

In this case the participation of ENARSA in the UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) is 50%, being the sole partner and operator of the contract with the company Gas and Oil from Neuquén, property of the providence of Neuquén.

The granting of exploitation in the Area Aguada del Chañar has an area of 57 km2. This area is located in the province of Neuquén a distance of 115 km NNW of the city of Neuquen and 80 kilometers to the SSE of the town of Rincón de Los Sauces.

The area has 2 sites: Loma Colorada (producer of gas of the Fm Lotena) and Bosque Chañar (producer of petroleum in the Fm Sierras Blancas and Vaca Muerta). Five of them are productive wells, 3 of them in the production of gas and 2 in oil production. In terms of surface facilities, the area has a battery to store oil, gas (PTG) treatment plant with a capacity of 1.1 MMm3/day and a pipeline of 42,976 km and 12 inches, which connects the PTG with the facilities of the company YPF in the Loma Campana area

Cuenca neuquina.

Área Medanito Sur

The area is located in the east side of the Neuquén basin, province of La Pampa.

It has 11 oil fields: Altos de El Jabalí, Amilcar, Ayelén, El Apataco, El Caldén, El Halcón, El Jabalí, El Puma, El Puma Este, La Meseta and el Caldén Este. It has 48 wells for the production of oil, 1 gas reserve well, 1 gas injection well and 1 water injection well.

The production of the area is in the range of 100 m3/day of oil and 30 Mm3/day of gas.

Cuenca neuquina.

Áreas Laguna Blanca y Zapala

The activities include the continuity of the work with the communities located in the area and the continuity of the studies of G&G in order to assess technically and economically the possibilities of the area.