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Through the Institutional Relations Management and the Communication Management, the company performs different tasks and alliances that currently contribute to the growth of IEASA.


Corporate social responsibility actions carried out by the company are destined, mainly, to create better educational conditions at formal and informal education institutions located in neglected communities in vulnerable situations.

While pursuing the mission to improve or to establish decent educational conditions, IEASA reinforced the sponsorship for educational institutions located in the province of Salta and in the district of Ensenada, Province of Buenos Aires. Also, through alliances with Fundación Cimientos, UNICEF and Fundación Sí, it sponsors students from Ensenada high schools, rural areas of Jujuy and college students in Salta.


  • An amount of 65 school kits were delivered for the beginning of the school year 2016.
  • Ten computers that were recycled by Fundación Equidad were donated. The delivery was managed by Fundación Andesmar.
  • Together with EDUC.AR, we managed the delivery of educational supplies and material in DVD.
  • For the primary level, we delivered text books and literature, donated by Fundación Santillana.
  • The company Provisión Escolar donated map collections.
  • We delivered a Pole Flag and a waving flag of the province of Salta, manufactured by the Department of Protocol and Ceremony of the Government of the City of Buenos Aires.
  • The children who attended school in December 2016, 2017 and 2018 received Christmas gift boxes.
  • We installed 3 solar lamps made by ENARSA volunteers at a workshop on renewable energies given by Colectando Sol, over a series of ENARSA seminars.
  • We built and delivered seven bookshelves to store reading books and storybooks donated in 2016.
  • For the beginning of the school year 2017, 2018 and 2019, we delivered 65 backpacks with school kits. Each of them was prepared taking into account the needs and ages of each student, following the direction of the Headmistress of the Institute.
  • We delivered electrical materials to connect the institute to the electrical grid and, therefore, to allow the children to use appliances such as televisions and computers.
  • Each of the students received toys for Children’s Day. The children received board games, educational games, dolls, balls, among other toys.
  • A water well was built, which allowed the school as well as the 320 people in the Chané Community to have safe water for the first time.
  • We established a piping connection to allow water to reach bathrooms and the kitchen of the institute.
  • We installed a solar water heater built by IEASA employees. This allowed hot water to reach the kitchen, where breakfast and lunch is prepared daily for the students.
  • We donated a speaker and a microphone for school events.
  • We delivered 70 plates, glasses and pieces of cutlery for the children to have breakfast and lunch. We installed new furniture in the kitchen to store the tableware.
  • During the last semester 2017 and the first semester 2018, 900 kg of long life powdered milk and 300 kg of yerba mate were distributed.
  • We donated a refrigerator, an electric oven, a microwave and an electric kettle.
  • A water well was built, with the corresponding operating water pump. This provides safe water not only to both students and teachers, but also to the entire community who suffered from drinking water shortage due to contamination produced by liquid filtering from a dumpsite near the well they used to use.
  • Two computers were donated, recycled by the IEASA Computer Systems Department.
  • For Children’s Day, toys were delivered. The students received board games, balls and staffed animals, among other toys.
  • Each of the students received a Christmas gift box so that they could have products at the family table during Christmas Eve 2016, 2017 and 2018.
  • We delivered eleven backpacks with school kits for the beginning of the school year 2018.
  • Each student will receive a gift for Children’s Day 2018.
  • We delivered school kits and books to students who began 1st grade and 1st grade of high school in 2017.
  • There was a circus show for the end of the school year celebration 2017.
  • We delivered eight usable computers and two printers that were restored by the personnel from the ENARSA Computer System Department. In addition, they installed the software so that the children could use the equipment.
  • For the institution anniversary, in 2018, IEASA donated a circus show so that students, teachers and families would have a moment of entertainment.
  • Backpacks with school kits were delivered to the 28 students who graduated from kindergarten so that they could start the primary level with the necessary educational supplies.
  • Also, backpacks and kits were delivered to the 15 students who graduated from primary level and who will start high school in 2018.
  • We delivered backpacks and school supplies to the 34 students who graduated from kindergarten and primary level in December 2018.

During the year 2016, two activities were undertaken with the scholarship students. The first activity consisted on a guided visit to the Thermoelectric Plant Ensenada de Barragán. The second activity, closer to the end of the year, was the annual seminar of Foundations where sponsors and sponsees shared a morning with several activities to get to know each other.

In 2017, we renewed the commitment to Fundación Cimientos to support the school life of 7 boys and girls in vulnerable situations who attend School No. 4 in Ensenada. Through the Future Graduates Program, these children –between the ages of 12 and 13- receive individual educational support; financial support through monthly scholarships; and opportunity for exchanges with peers. Likewise, voluntary work by IEASA employees was held, and they became sponsors of the 7 scholarship holders.

A meeting was organized for the purposes of strengthening the relationship and providing space for dialogue and exchange between sponsors and sponsees. The meeting included a tour on board a tourist bus throughout the City of Buenos Aires, a lunch, and the provision of a notebook to each of the students. Said notebooks are part of the unused equipment of IEASA and which the Computer System Department refurbished so that they could be donated.

  • The school received 21 computers and 2 printers.
  • In Humahuaca, we participated in the graduation ceremony of 9 students who received a small present in recognition of the efforts made in order to finish their studies in 2017.
  • We delivered 190 school kits for the beginning of the school year 2018.
  • In 2018, we accompanied the students who finished their studies at the venue Agua de Castilla, a rural area located 3,600 meters above sea level. They received, together with graduates from ten other venues, a backpack and school kits.

We were able to incorporate higher education to the activities of CSR of IEASA. Thus, the Company collaborates with the task of improving educational conditions in the most neglected places at the initial level, as well as at the high school level and finally, at the university level.

The sponsorship became a reality due to the company’s decision to allocate 30 per cent of the budget of the End of Year Event in 2018 to scholarships for 8 college students who are accommodated in a residency belonging to Fundación Sí in Salta.

A total of 42 young people stay in the residence, 8 of which receive IEASA scholarship. The Project University Residence is destined to young graduates from rural schools who lack sufficient resources to receive education at the higher level. The scholarships consist in guaranteeing: accommodations; food; financial support for the acquisition of studying materials; travel expenses to get to the studying centers and, also, to go back home and visit their families; medical, psychological and psychopedagogical assistance, as well as voluntary tutors who accompany and assist the residents.

We want our brand POTENCIARSE, TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER to be the vehicle that summons us to reinforce our actions of CSR along with our partners and suppliers in those communities where IEASA is present.

CSR actions that are carried out by IEASA are meant to improve educability conditions.

While following that objective, which leads to ease the access to education and to improve the quality and the structural conditions of institutions, IEASA sponsors educational institutions located in the provinces of Salta, Jujuy and in the Ensenada district.

Join PotenciaRSE

In Salta, there are two sponsored establishments: the rural School No. 4777 in the rural area El Algarrobal, attended by 60 students; and School No. 4491, in Saucelito, Orán, attended daily by 10 children.

In the province of Jujuy, together with UNICEF, ENARSA collaborates with 11 Information and Communication Technologies-Mediated Rural High Schools (ICT). These are not traditional high schools, in the sense that they are hundreds of kilometers away from the central office in the capital of Jujuy, where there is a management team working together with a group of teachers from different subjects that are connected, through different devices that use Internet, to classrooms located at scattered rural regions in Jujuy. A total of 165 students attend these classrooms.

Another sponsored institution is the Complementary Educational Center No. 802 in Ensenada, Province of Buenos Aires, attended by 200 children between the ages of 3 and 17.

Each of these sponsored institutions present many needs, which is why we seek to join our efforts, combining wills and collaboration to achieve the objective of improving educational conditions. For that reason, it is important that donations are made in a responsible and respectful manner. This means that the elements and materials should be new or in good condition to able to be reused.


One book, a thousand opportunities

After identifying, during a visit, the shortage of books and reading material at the school El Algarrobal, a campaign was undertaken whereby employees donated 148 reading books and storybooks that were later delivered to the rural institution, where they were received with much joy and appreciation.

One pallet, one piece of furniture

With recycled pallets and teamwork, a group of employees built two cupboards, a shelf and a table for the sponsored rural school. When arriving at Club Unión in Munro, where representatives of Molet awaited to begin the work, the participants were divided into four groups. Each group had one goal to achieve: to put together a piece of furniture for the kitchen of the School No. 4777, El Algarrobal.

After hours of work, the mission was completed, as the furniture was finally ready to be sent to Salta.

Our Energy for the Children

As a result of the need identified at schools in Salta, for Children’s Day 2017, the employees were summoned to participate in the donation of toys to be delivered to 97 students who attend rural schools. The summons was successful, as a total of 234 toys and games were collected.

Food Bank

Food Banks, which motto is less hunger, more future, work as a bridge between the food industry and the meal centers and institutions that receive help. A group of employees participated in the classification of 1,200 kilos of food, which resulted in the completion of 3,600 meals for children who attend meal centers or other social organizations in the City of Buenos Aires and in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area. Thus, IEASA personnel contributed in a small way to reduce hunger and to prevent the waste of food conducted by the Food Bank.

Jornadas 2015.


En 2016 se organizaron charlas temáticas para los empleados y el público en general. Los temas elegidos fueron: Transparencia y Anticorrupción (disertaron Carolina Echevarría y Germán Emanuele), Liderazgo (Sergio “Cachito” Vigil), Responsabilidad Social y Desarrollo Sustentable (Luis Ulla y Javier Lioy) y Energías Renovables (Leandro Magri)



IEASA participa de las reuniones del Instituto Argentino del Petróleo y el Gas junto a las otras empresas del sector energético. La empresa tiene una activa participación en la Comisión de Relaciones Institucionales y de Sustentabilidad.


A partir del 2016 se crearon diferentes canales de comunicación en las redes sociales: Facebook (/integracionenergeticaargentina), Twitter (@IEASAoficial), YouTube (canal @IEASAoficial).

» 7 empleados de la compañía apadrinan a una igual cantidad de chicos de la escuela N°4 de Ensenada, que se encuentran becados por la Fundación Cimientos. Se realizaron dos actividades con los alumnos (visita a la CTEB y la jornada anual de Cimientos).

» El personal de IEASA recibe todas las semanas las frutas seleccionadas por personas con discapacidad que trabajan para la organización En Buenas Manos.

» Voluntariado: a lo largo del año, los empleados de IEASA tienen la posibilidad de participar en distintas acciones de voluntariado (Noche Buena Para Todos y Un libro, mil oportunidades).

(Español) Se realizó la jornada de seguridad vial

(Español) El jueves 16 de mayo, en el marco del cuarto ciclo de jornadas de divulgación, IEASA realizó “Seguridad Vial, por qué transgredimos las reglas” en el hotel Meliá de Buenos Aires. Los disertantes fueron Luis Oliveto y José Nesis.

(Español) El subsecretario de Renovables, Sebastián Kind, disertó en IEASA

(Español) El Subsecretario de Energías Renovables de la Nación, Sebastían Kind, brindó una charla para empleados de IEASA y de la Secretaría de Energía en el marco de la jornada “Evolución de la energía renovable en Argentina y el mundo”. La misma se realizó en el hotel Meliá de Buenos Aires, el jueves 25 de abril de 2019.

(Español) Se realizó la jornada sobre Nutrición y Sedentarismo

(Español) IEASA organizó una jornada para que empleados y externos incorporen hábitos saludables a través de la alimentación y otras prácticas útiles. El disertante fue el experimentado doctor Jorge Franchella y la cita tuvo lugar en el hotel Meliá de Buenos Aires.

(Español) Exitosa jornada sobre Herramientas para el manejo de conflictos

(Español) El evento se llevó a cabo el jueves 18 de octubre en el Salón Alejandro Casona del Hotel Meliá. La disertación estuvo a cargo de la doctora Florencia Ruiz Morosini, Especialista en negociación, mediación y facilitación de procesos de diálogo públicos y Docente Titular virtual de la Licenciatura en Resolución de Conflictos y Mediación de la Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero.