IEASA conducts different studies: technical, economic-financial and legal to make investments in the electricity sector of the Argentina Republic in the framework of the guidelines established by the national Government and the current regulation, especially taking care to achieve the design of mechanisms for public-private partnerships that allow obtaining internal and/or external financing.

A significant percentage of the energy generated by ENARSA is contributed to the national energy system.


Considering the last data of CAMMESA regarding the generation of electrical energy, the Thermal Power Plant Ensenada de Barragán participates with 12% of the country’s thermal generation, while the Plant Brigadier López participates with 6%.

Central Térmica Brigadier López.

CTBL | Thermal Power Plant Brigadier López

The Plant Brigadier López is located in the industrial park of Sauce Viejo village, on National Route No. 11, province of Santa Fe, 11 kilometers away from Santo Tomé village and 20 kilometers away from Santa Fe city. It has an installed power of 280 MW and it has been authorized to operate commercially on August 30, 2012.

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Central Térmica Ensenada de Barragán.

CTEB | Thermal Power Plant Ensenada de Barragan

The Plant Ensenada de Barragán is located in the Petrochemical Pole of Ensenada village, province of Buenos Aires, on Provincial Route No. 11 and on channel El Gato, approximately 10 kilometers away from the city of La Plata and 50 kilometers away from the city of Buenos Aires. It has an installed power of 560 MW and it has been authorized to operate commercially on April 28, 2012.

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GEED V: 8 plants which generate 151 MW of available power.

The Generation of Distributed Electric Power Program (GEED) has been in progressive stages, covering jointly the installation and setup of 62 stations, located in 17 provinces, with a total installed capacity of 989, 1 MW. During 2014 8 new power stations were awarded through the GEED V competition, with a total capacity of 150 MW.


Bandera Santiago del Estero 30.0 MW
Barranqueras Chaco 20.0 MW
San Martín Chaco 15.0 MW
Presidencia Roca Chaco 05.0 MW
San Vicente Buenos Aires 30.0 MW
Rufino Santa fe 30.0 MW
La Paz Entre ríos 10.0 MW
San Salvador Entre ríos 10.0 MW


Mobile electric energy generation units

Since ENARSA is in charge of providing energy in all its forms, and in order to meet this requirement in specific cases, we have the Service of Generation of Electric Energy in Emergency Situations, to be produced by a fleet of Electric Energy Generation Units (UGEE), autonomous and transportable, using gasoil or biodiesel as fuel.

The service includes the provision, installation, and operation of the UGEE and its maintenance in optical operating conditions. This way, the purpose is to address emergency situations in installation terms of 12 hours or less, connecting to the systems of sub-trunk transport or of regional distribution before fails or before the necessity of reinforcing systems. It is important to emphasize that this service is available throughout the country.