The Executive order 202/2017 “Conflict of Interest”, sanctioned on March 22nd of this year, obliges each interested supplier that is interested in participating in a public hiring tender to file an affidavit of interest at the time of signing up.

Article 1 mentions the following situations which the supplier must clarify whether if it´s reached by one of them:

  1. Relationship by blood relationship within the fourth degree and second of affinity
  2. Society or community
  3. Pending Lawsuit
  4. Not be in default or creditor
  5. Having received important benefit
  6. Public friendship revealed by deep familiarity and the treatment frequency

These links make reference to the following officials: the nations president, vice president, Chief of Staff, and other Ministers and High Level Authorities of the same status in  The National Executive Branch although they do not have jurisdiction to decide on the recruitment or the act concerned.

Likewise, should some of the items mentioned above to reach a provider (natural or legal person) the Anti-Corruption Office will view the case.  This Executive order is protected by the Law of Ethics in the Exercise of Public Function N° 25.188.

People who have influence in the decision of public procurement:


  • Claudia Mundo
  • Alejandro Fontán Balestra
  • Mario Thiem
  • Rodolfo De Luca


  • Alberto Brusco
  • Rigoberto Mejia Aravena
  • Juan Carlos Doncel Jones
  • Gustavo Alvarez
  • Daniel Gustavo Minenna


  • Alejandro Fontán Balestra
  • Gustavo Alvarez
  • Guillermo Cadirola
  • Eduardo Prina
  • Juan Carlos Doncel Jones


  • Susana Moya
  • Maria Celeste Baroli


  • Gerencia de Abastecimiento (Guillermo Cadirola)
  • Gerencia de Tecnología de la Información y Comunicación (vacante)
  • Gerencia de Administración y Finanzas (Oscar Zapiola )
  • Gerencia de Recursos Humanos (Fernando Rodriguez Cabanelas)
  • Gerencia de Asuntos Legales – Oil & Gas (Veronica Martinez Castro)
  • Gerencia de Asuntos Legales Corporativo y Secretaria de Directorio (Nicolas Vergara)
  • Gerencia de Gas (Jorge O’donnell en forma interina)
  • Gerencia de Seguridad Patrimonial (Alejandro Ugarte)
  • Gerencia de Control de Gestión (Claudio Schuster)
  • Unidad de Auditoria Interna (Eduardo Prina)
  • Gerencia de Relaciones Institucionales y Comunicación (Fernando Pazos)
  • Gerencia de Terminales y Ductos (Jorge O’donnell en forma interina)
  • Gerente de Proyectos (Leonardo Zwaal)
  • Gerente de Gasoductos (Jorge Brkic)
  • Gerente de Control de Proyectos (Adolfo Piccinini)
  • Gerente de Procesos (Maria Carolina Chacur)
  • Gerente de Administración (Mariano Catalá)
  • Gerente de Asuntos Legales – Obras (Carlos Gollan)
  • Gerente de Centrales Hidroeléctricas (Fernando Zárate)